Tui Tots

The Tui Tots room of Harakeke opened in early 2015. This specialised program caters for children aged 2-3 years before they transition into the main room at Harakeke.

With our fantastic ratio of 1-2 teachers for up to 6 children there are opportunities daily for one-on-one interactions and the ability to form relationships quickly. We have our own room set up to foster imagination through our cosy family corner, drawing, and lots of other interesting play objects.

Part of the uniqueness of the Tui Tots room is the adaptation of the RIE philosophy (Resources for Infant Educarers). This was initially created by Emmi Pikler, paediatrician in a Hungarian orphanage, and then carried on by Magda Gerber to form this renowned teaching philosophy. Based on treating infants and children with respect in all things and allowing them to develop physically as natures intended, there are many aspects that can be practised when working with older children.

The Tui Tots have a garden to themselves where they are offered painting, water play, a mud garden, and opportunities for physical play. We access the main garden daily to explore swinging, climbing, and the sand pit.

The daily rhythm is slightly slower than the traditional Harakeke day. We choose to have a shorter group time and we have adjusted the 'core routines' such as hand washing and meal time to suit the needs of the younger children.

Come by for a visit to get a first-hand impression of our Tui Tots environment!

This programme is not always offered, please inquire for up to date information.